We drove into town and parked at Slim Man’s parking lot. They placed the cars in the lot a strange way but it all seemed to work. As we walked around the village shops, you diffidently know that ii is time to take off your watch and slip on your flip-flops. There was no mistaking, we were on St John. The 20 minute ferry ride from St. Thomas had slowly slipped us into another time and space, The pace was carefree, the people were friendly and the natural beauty was so relaxing.  Cruz Bay is the heart of St. John, aka Love City. Cruz Bay is the center of island life and activity, which is hard to tell because of the relaxed atmosphere. We wandered around the little park, where an arts and crafts fair with local art, food and souvenirs with a scratch style band playing in the gazebo. We made our way to the Wharfside Village and Galleria Beach Shops. It was a whimsical collection of tropical retailers and eateries overlooking the beach.

2008 06 21 Slim Man's Parking Rates (2)

2008 06 21 Slim Man's Parking Rates (1)

We had lunch at the Waterfront Bistro. It was our waitress’ first day of work so it took just a little longer for lunch. Was it that or was it because of island time? We learned very quickly that frozen drinks melt too fast! Steve and I had hamburgers, while Fred and Lupe had cold soup, Drove by the beaches.

2008 06 21 Waterfront Bistro Sign

2008 06 21 St John VI Waterfront Bistro

2008 06 21 Waterfront Bistro View

2008 06 21 St John VI Waterfront Bistro Tables