In June we did a yard sale with our neighbors. The tables were setup and were the length of our drive way…..100 feet with three tables wide up by the garage. We had A LOT of STUFF!!
2012 06 01 Yard Sale Tables  (2)
Bob made breakfast burritos for us, they were wonderful.
2012 06 01 Yard Sale Bob Colvin's Breakfast YUM
This is Katy and Dee, they live behind us.
2012 06 01 Yard Sale Phyllis Kerrick Katy Colvin Dee Veltum
Katy was our cashier, she did a great job keeping all the different color stickers straight!
2012 06 01 Yard Sale Katy Colvin Cashier (2)
This is Rick and Rumi they live next door and are the parents of Suki.
2012 06 01 Yard Sale Rick Rumi Dodson
Katie is busy taking care of the money while Dee, Steve and I are taking lesson on how to put our hands on our hips. Notice Dee and I are doing the hand to the back and Steve is doing the hands to the front.
2012 06 01 Yard Sale Dee Veltum Phyllis Steve Kerrick Katy Colvin
This is a truck that we thought was pretty….it is sooooo purple!
2012 06 01 Yard Sale Purple Truck
At the end of the day we took in over $600 with us and Holan taking in the most. It helped that we had the most stuff to sell and Holan had the “big” ticket items. We helped each other out by buying from each other. We bought an Ipod player from Holan and she bought a computer table from us. There were so many items I didn’t see that she had put the player out until someone was going to buy it. Their mistake was they set it down to look at something else and I snapped it up. Lesson learned if you think you might want something you’d better pick it up until you decide. And when five families are doing a yard sale look to see what everyone else is selling.
2012 06 01 Yard Sale Katy Colvin Cashier (1)

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