We have had a lot of rain this spring with even more days of clouds than rain. Today it was about 65 and lots of sun. Hershey was enjoying being outside lying in the warm sun while he watched the cats who live behind us. With the warm weather, we have also been able to enjoy the fountain.  
This is Pete, he lives across the court from us. Isn’t he cute with his sunglasses!?!?
Holan had a new store for us to check during are trip today. Scheels opened the company’s new flagship store in Overland Park, Kansas in Corbin Park in late June and has 220,000 feet two-story building of retail shopping. Shopping is a very good word to describe this store. It has something for everyone and if you don’t like shopping there are other things to do. The different shops offer technical running gear the latest fashion, hunting, athletic shoe, hiking boot, and casual footwear. Selection is largest in Overland Park with everything for toddlers to all athletes, serious hikers, beach goers, hunters and the fashion conscious. There is a World Class golf shop, bike shop, ski shop, canoe and kayak shop, and fishing shop. The gun and hunting shops has the largest selection of guns in Kansas to include collectible firearms. As we entered the store we first saw a …
Several people have seen this fox in our neighborhood. It was spotted by Rick and Dee while they were out walking. I saw it the other morning in our cul-de-sac. He looks as if he needs food, just hoping he doesn’t attack anyone or our dogs.  
The day Miss Tobie moved into the new home, we placed her in a cloth dog kettle to keep her safe while things were being moving in. She was not happy and learned she could “walk” the kettle across the floor.  
We had heard a lot about Holy-Field Winery but had never been there even though it is located in South Leavenworth County, only 15 minutes from our house. Dee, our neighbor, has been there many times and has picked grapes for several years. This is such a popular activity that we had to sign up in July for the last picking day in October. It was a beautiful sunny morning with crisp cool air. We arrived at the Vineyard and received instructions from Les & Michelle Meyer (father & daughter) on how to harvest the grapes. We were to clip the vine close to the grapes and let the bunch drop into our hand. The grapes were to be placed in a large white bucket. As we harvested, people would be coming by collecting the grapes. Moving up and down the rows we looked for the wine fairies hoping to …
The dogs were lazy today all sleeping on the couch. Pebbles decided to get up when the camera came out.
The dogs don’t understand that it’s a holiday but they do understand that there is food and they get a special treat of people food. The little dogs sat by the pool while Jackson spent the day in the house. It was a little warm for him and he had also had run head first into the fence. So he missed out on the activities but needed to rest more than eat or lay by the pool.  
Turtle Beach, also know as Laniakea Beach, is a well-known surfing spot on Oahu’s North Shore. The beach offers great sand and an opportunity to relax. The best thing about the beach is the green sea turtles.  Also known as Honu, the turtles are protected by The Endangered Species Act and have experienced a significant increase in their numbers since being protected.   Honu Guardian volunteers are on the beach every day to offer educational outreach about the protected species. This helps avoid inadvertent harassment and assures the honu’s peaceful coexistence on the beaches.   The green sea turtles at Laniakea come close into to shore to feed on the seaweed growing on the rocks. The green sea turtle is a reptile that can live up to 80 years of age. Like other reptiles, they are cold-blooded. So they will sometimes haul themselves up on the beach to bask in …
The Village Hotel is home to a group of South African black-footed penguins that live in an outdoor habitat surrounded by greenery and a small pond filled with several types of turtles (box and soft-shelled). Other animals that live on the grounds include several types of ducks, lesser flamingos, sacred ibis, black-crowned night herons, koi fish, chameleons, macaws, and parakeets