Farewell Party

On Sunday night, the first formal night, the Captain, Thore Thorolvsen from Norway, had a welcoming party. Champagne flowed freely for about an hour. This replaced the tradition Captain’s cocktail party. The Captain made a welcoming speech from the Royal Promenade. He appears to hatch from what looks like a giant egg (O.k. it’s a […]

Studio B and Frozen In Time

Studio B is an ice rink with tiered seating. When it is not being used for the show Frozen In Time passenger are allowed to ice skate. Frozen In Time is very loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tales was spectacular. The performance was wonderful and surprisingly a few were doing some very high […]

Dunes Miniature Golf Course Royal Tee Time

Later in the afternoon we spent time playing miniature golf. Its not very big but perfectly situated near all the water sports and Zip Line. The panoramic views of the ocean were wonderful from this area. Along the edge of the 3rd hold you’re literally standing on the side of the ship with a breathtaking […]

Day 7 At Sea October 21st

Today’s Forecast:  Partly Cloudy 76 Degrees with winds from N at 13 mph. UV Index: 8 Very High Sunrise: 7:14 Sunset: 6:35 Drink of the Day: Salud! A blend of cruzan raspberry rum, citrus rum, Mojito mix & cranberry juice $8.95 in a souvenir glass Farewell Message: As our cruise vacation draws to a close, […]

Special Night for Niece and Aunt

Aunt Ha and Samantha had a sleepover while Mom and Dad enjoyed a night out. First they took in a movie, Shrek 4,  in the 3-D Theater onboard. Ha had picked up animal hats for them to wear. Samantha didn’t like it but she did like the balloon hat from Cozumel. After having pizza at […]

Day 6 October 20 Cozumel, Mexico

Today’s Forecast: Partly Cloudy 81  Degrees with winds NW at 9 mph, slight change of a rain shower. UV Index: 9 Very High Sunrise: 7:45 Sunset: 7:21 Drink of the Day: Mango Masti a classic blend of light rum, Cruzan mango, sour mix and a splash of orange juice. $8.95 in a souvenir glass Crew […]

1936 Auburn Speedster

This classic car is a well loved feature of the Royal Promenade. Anytime, day or night, you will see people taking pictures of the car and with the car. It is also one of the spots you can find a professional photographer hanging out. The Speedster has a modern suspension system underneath with a replica […]

FlowRider® Surf Simulator

Steve and Holan did the FlowRider on board of the Oasis. The FlowRider sends a thin sheet of water up a sloped and cushioned platform to create a wavelike flow water. After receiving safety instructions and a few tips from the instructor Steve was ready to get started. Wipe Out!!

Day 4 October 18 Falmouth, Jamaica

Today’s Forecast: Thunder Storms  87 Degrees with winds ENE at 11 mph. UV Index: 9 Very HighDrink of the Day: Pocoloco $8.95 in a souvenir glassThis is the new $180 million port built in Falmouth to accommodate the newest and largest class of cruise ships. It opened in early 2011 with construction still continuing when […]

Oasis of Dreams Show Aqua Theater

After having dinner we went to the Oasis of Dreams Show. It was a highly choreographed water show. Eighteen performers–6 divers, 4 synchronized swimmers, 2 specialty divers, and 6 acrobats perform in the Aqua Theater, an open air Amphitheatre and its 17-foot, 9-inch deep kidney shaped pool. Three pool lifts, lighting, a trampoline and underwater […]