Songs and Dancing

After a day of relaxing by the sea, we boarded our catamaran for our 45 minutes ride back to the ship. During trip back the staff put on a nice show of singing and dancing while we enjoyed an open bar.   Save

Cruising Along . . .

As we speed away from the port of Puerto Vallarta, the skyline could be seen. We had a 45-minute boat trip each way to the tranquil retreat of Las Caletas. It was a relaxing ride followed by a day spent at an isolated cove where we lounged on a palm fringed beach. In describing his […]

Huston’s Hall

There were five or so restaurants on the island. The one we were assigned to was John Huston’s Hall. In a portion of it was represented as his library.


Our lunch was a delicious buffet with a ton of variety and an open bar. Save

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is one of the most iconic Mexican traditions because of the whole ritual around this date. It is a day for remembering and celebrating loved relatives who have passed on. Beautiful altar, decorated with candles, buckets of wild marigolds, mounds of fruits, peanuts, plates of turkey, mole, stacks of tortillas and […]

a Day at the Beach

Las Caletas Hideaway was once the private home of the famous film director John Huston. He came to Puerto Vallarta to film The Night of the Iguana. This brought Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Ava Gardner, Tennessee Williams, and other celebrities to Banderas Bay. Huston bought Las Caletas and the other celebrates purchased homes as well. […]


Las Caletas is a beautiful 3/4 of a mile long beach broken up into 4 smaller beaches only accessible by boat. We arrived after a 45 minute catamaran ride, greeted by a line of waiters lining the shoreline waving, a waterfalls and parrots circling overhead. In the distance we could see five restaurants, beaches with […]

Port of Call

While having breakfast at the Great Outdoors, located at the back of the ship, as the sun came up, we sailed into the Bay of Banderas. Puerto Vallarta is located on the mid-west coast of Mexico in the Pacific Ocean. Docked in the port was the Puerto Vallarta Pirate cruise ship. 

A Magician

On the third night of the cruise, Comedy Magic of Chip Romero, direct from the Magic Castle in Hollywood California, performed. Chip came out on stage with no props and proceeded to pull out a color changing handkerchief from his pocket. As he told a childhood story of how he got into magic, he did […]

Carved Pumpkins

The Ship was decorated for Halloween and there was a late night costume contest. It was surprising how many people dressed up. Save