Today we went to the World’s Oldest Indoor Rodeo at the Fort Worth Stock Yards. And yes, it was truly our first rodeo. This was the 117th Rodeo and was held at the Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum in Fort Worth. This is the last year the event will be held at Will Rogers. A new $450 million arena is being built a short distance away. We got a great parking place in the handicap lot and found our way to the first exhibit hall. The range of vendors was outstanding! Of course, there was the western hats, boots, house decor and clothing for the entire family. The vendors also ranged from mattresses to furniture, fire pit and metal signs and fences to farm equipment, home improvements to home made butter, honey, and salsa. It was a great home show, a beautiful western wear boutique and a wonderful craft show rolled into …
This was a wonderful wood carving in front of the Havana Cigar store. Along the path was a coconut water cart, in case you need a quick drink. The shore line of the island. The sunlight reflecting on the water waves made it sparkle. As we left, we discovered the shopping area was designed as a maze, designed to keep cruise passengers rotating in and out of the shops. There are signs for the exits but they were hard to find. Going back to the ship, you could see the flags flying, the trolley waiting, the ships and people coming and going.
Our 3rd stop on this cruise was Costa Maya. We had breakfast in the dining room, then spent a couple of hours in the hot tubs. Most of the people had gotten off the ship so the tubs were pretty empty. We did have a nice conversation with a couple from Canada, before going to lunch in Savor, one of the main dining rooms. After lunch we made our way off the ship. We had been to Costa Maya before and had not found any excursions we were interested in doing. Seems like the last time we were in Costa Maya we tendered, took a small boat, to shore. This time a brand new and very long pier stretched out along the water. We could walk or be transported via a complimentary shuttle, to a new entrance into the shopping area. We took the shuttle. Once off the shuttle, a friendly …
This was our 12th cruise and our 8th on Norwegian Cruise Line (Getaway). When we first started with NCL we were getting double loyalty points for the cruises. This moved us up the ladder to Platinum level for this cruise. As a Platinum members, we have an exclusive check in line at the embarkation port. Once we checked in we got our boarding number, not realizing we did not need one. Our number was eight and they hadn’t even called one yet. Fred, having checked in on his cruise in September as a Platinum member, knew this wasn’t right. So he went out to find the Platinum boarding. In just a few minutes he was back and we were off to embark on the Getaway. One minor problem, Dee had not reached Platinum yet. But with a few words from Steve and Fred we were on our way to the …
As we entered Colonial/Wisteria Lane, most of us could identify the Desperate Housewives houses. But if you have watched TV shows and movies, you might recognize houses for other reasons. The houses were filmed as these family homes: Munster’s, Hardy Boys, The Burbs, Live It To Beaver, Nancy Drew, and the Matlock. Other shows/movies include: Harvey, The Little Rascals Save the Day, The House of the Seven Gables, and Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Save
After driving around looking at other mansions, we arrived at Greystone Mansion & Gardens. It was completed in 1928 for the son of an oil tycoon. The City of Beverly Hills purchased the property in 1965 and became a public park in 1971. The Mansion is now used for weddings, events and filming for TV and movies (Batman’s home). The view overlooking Beverly Hills was amazing. We could pick out different place we had been during the day and a totally different look of Universal Studios from this overlook.
We were driving around in Beverly Hills and decided it was time for lunch. We had seen several food trucks in the area. They were stopped by houses that were either being built or remodeled.  We stopped at the next one we saw and order a Mexican lunch. We then went to a very nice park, where there were picnic tables, playground and restrooms. It was a very nice lunch.
The 40-foot long Beverly Hills sign, located in the Beverly Gardens Park, is one of the most photographed spots in the city. The sign, today, is a replica of the 1907 sign and is surround by a lily pond. The park stretches for 22 blocks along Santa Monica Boulevard. It has a jogging path, hundred-year-old cypress and fucus trees, gardens, and public art. Beverly Hills is a 5.7 square mile city with 34,000 residents and a daytime population of more than 200,000.
The Spadena House, known as The Witch’s House, is a private home with a purposefully disrepair look with a pointy, lopsided roof, tiny windows and stucco with a distressed paint job. It is surrounded by an eccentric picket fence, made of wavy, warped wooden pickets.The house was built, in 1921, as a set for a few silent films, including Hansel and Gretel, and used as a studio office. It was not built to be lived in. In 1998 the house sold for $1.3 million 
In 2010, the Brody house, located at 360 S Mapleton, was sold for the first time, at just under $15 million. It was purchased by flippers, who then sold it to Ellen DeGeneres for $39,888 million. After a few months she sold it to Sean Parker, a tech billionaire, for $55 million. This is all we could see from the street.