When we moved to Wuerzburg Germany in 1981, after nine months at Ft Bliss for the Officer’s Advance Course, I had never volunteered. I had not thought about volunteering and did not have an interested in doing work for no pay. Then Lupe and I volunteered to help with Kristie and Maria’s Girl Scout Brownie troop as assistant leaders. Pauline Lancaster, a super organizer and an outstanding woman, was the leader of troop 22. As assist leaders, we helped Pauline plan troop activities along with maintaining troop and the girl’s records.

Because we were overseas, the girls wore the North Atlantic Girl council patch TOFS, which stood for Troops on Foreign Soils

This was just one of our trips as a troop. Lupe, Maria, Carmen, Kristie, Holan and me are all in this photo. Pauline is standing behind me. Heidelberg Castle (in German: Heidelberger Schloss) is a famous castle ruins in Germany and landmark of Heidelberg. It is among the most important Renaissance structures north of the Alps.

Pauline showed me how volunteering connects you with other people all working towards the same goal. We worked hard, side by side, but had fun together and all of the girls were able to benefit from us connecting with each other.