We had wonderful food at the Welcome Dinner, for Michelle and Don’s Wedding, on Friday evening, a great breakfast buffet at the hotel on Saturday morning and we continued eating at the reception with huge shrimp and egg rolls. There was a wide selection of drinks and a fantastic California wine. Dinner was so good, we would have gone back for seconds, if we had not been so full!   Sunday morning a brunch, with the new Mr. & Mrs., was served at the reception site. The venue had cleaned up from the evening before, rearranged the flowers and set up a hearty breakfast. We enjoyed visiting with everyone before heading back to San Francisco to fly out on Monday morning.    
As the Bride and Groom stood in front of the pond, fireworks started going off over their heads. Tom, father of the Bride, does 4th July fireworks every year for the city of Mt. Shasta so it was only natural for him to so fireworks for Michelle’s wedding. It was an impressive display and just added to the celebration. The entire evening was so much fun!
The view from the reception tent was outstanding, it didn’t matter which side of the tent you were. There was lush green lawns, ponds and Mt. Shasta in the distance. At first, the tent sides were down but were soon opened up as we enjoyed our dinner with the peaceful landscape.
The photo booth, at Michelle and Don’s wedding reception, was such fun, but Steve & I weren’t sure what to do. This is Dee’s Family from Montana. In this picture you can see some of the other props that could be used for your guest book photo.
A photo area with props was set up, at Michelle and Don’s reception, to record a special photo and to write a special message in the guest book for the happy couple. Dee, Mother of the Groom, had fun sharing how happy she was for the newly married couple.          
We arrived at the reception and found lovely tables decorated with flowers, handmade Crochet Doilies, homemade jams, made by the Bride’s Mother as favors and burlap napkin rings with buttons, from the Bride’s Grandmother, and a shaft of wheat. The lovely cake was setting ready. . . . the head table . . . . and the big white tent were ready for the guest to arrive. . . . . drinks were prepared . . . .     the bandstand waited for the musicians . . . . then the Bride and Groom arrived . . . . a kiss for the happy couple . . . .   and the party was ready to start . . . . and into the night it continued . . . . a gift of jam to bring back wonderful memories of a perfect day . . . . and …
Everyone had watched the Bridal Party come down the aisle, it was now time for the Bride to shine. And she did! As she and Tom made their entrance, it was hard to tell which one was shinning the most. They just radiated happiness.  
  Tom and Mary Alice landscaped the back of the yard for a perfect setting for the ceremony. Mary Alice had wanted a white fence for many years and she finally got it. This is Dee’s sister and nephew, who came from Montana for the special day. These are Dee’s brothers with her sister. The brothers are also from Montana. The flowers hanging from the shepherds hooks marked rows of the chairs. Mary Alice, mother of the Bride and Matt, Michelle’s brother Dee, mother of the groom and Don, the groom
After a nice day wandering the forest, shopping downtown and seeing the sights of Mt. Shasta, it was time to assemble for the wedding. This was to be an outdoor wedding in the backyard of the bride’s parents. It was a beautiful setting with Mt. Shasta as the backdrop. Don, the Groom   Aren’t they cute!  
Michele’s Dad got his car for the Bride and Groom to go from the ceremony to the reception. What a neat car.   Katy & Bob with the car.