The tram entered a garage where Fast & Furious: Supercharged was introduced by Roman and Letty, two of the movie’s characters. The tram moves forward and we are in the middle of Pepper’s ghost hologram, as the party is interrupted and guest are escorted out. Screeching cars fill the screens and a background alarm alerts that trouble is ahead. We put on our 3D glasses. The characters head for their vehicles and begin a vehicle chase in a parking lot underground. The chase then ends up on the freeway.  
The Jurassic Park river raft adventure, was inspired from the hit movie, Jurassic World. where we saw dinosaurs in their natural jungle habitat. One encounter was with one of the Park’s most famous inhabitants, a 9-foot tall Velociraptor. We narrowly escaped a 50-foot T-Rex as our raft made an 84-foot plunge to safety.
We started our Despicable Me Minion Mayhem 3-D adventure in Gru’s home, where we were recruited for his latest scheme. After making it through “Minion training” things didn’t go as planned! Within moments, we were launched into a trip through his super-villain laboratory. After the ride there was a Minion inspired dance party.
The Special Effects Show was presented by the best stunt performers in sounds, sights and illusions. They fool the cameras to create moments in our favorite films. People were pulled from the audience for the zero-gravity space travel and to produce sound effect. Through professional demonstrations we were shown how they set a person on fire, realistic physical combat sequences and horror scenes.    
At the Universal’s Animal Actors show, we saw exotic birds, dogs, cats, pigs and other special animals that have been featured in some of Hollywood’s biggest productions. As our tram passed by the infamous Bates Motel from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, Norman Bates came out carrying one of his mom’s victims. The Shrek 4-D attraction was a 15 minute movie where we sat in chairs that rock to simulate horse riding. During some of the scenes we had wind blowing on us, water being sprinkled on us, making us feel like we were right in the middle of the fairytale adventure. Flight of the Hippogriff is a roller coaster ride over the Forbidden Forest and Hagrid’s Hut. During the minute ride, we were instructed to bow to the Hippogriff before the ride progresses up the lift hill. At the top of the lift, we had a full aerial view of The Wizarding …
We arrived at Jardin de Paris, the VIP dining room, for our gourmet lunch prepared by Universal’s very own executive chef. The food selection and quality was outstanding!  We had New York Roasted Sirloin, Penne Alfredo with shrimp, Chicken Marsala, Salmon and lots of other things. The food and the atmosphere was so well done, it’s easy to forget that you’re inside a theme park. We took the full hour to enjoy our lunch, while others went out and explored the area around the dining room.
There are always characters throughout the park. Our encounter with a character was while we were having our lunch. Lucy Ricardo, from the 1950s classic TV comedy “I Love Lucy,” came into the café visiting with each table. It was amazing how her character looked and acted just like the real life red-headed comedian. She stayed in character and discussed things that happened on the TV show. She was carrying in her purse a bottle of vitameatavegamin. Vitameatavegamin was introduced in the 13th episode of the sitcom, airing on May 5, 1952.
This is a display of “picture cars” lined up along Greens Road. The cars are rotated in and out so you never know what crs will be on display. Back to The Future Fast & Furious Jurassic World Magnum P.I. The Flintstones Transformers
Our tram paused next to a winding street running through a Mexican village. We had a demonstration of movie “rain” effect involving rain bars which direct a spray of water upwards which then falls looking like rain. Then there was a thunderstorm using powerful strobe lighting and thunder sound effects. Then they said the rain won’t turn off as a wall of water rushes down the hill and threatens to engulf the tram. The Flash Flood consists of 10,000 gallons of water from two tanks. One flood comes down the hill and one comes through the buildings at the left of the area. Water was fired under pressure through two addition ducts right next to the tram. A signpost and cart were knocked over by the flood. The water is reused and is pumped back into the tanks ready for the next tram to visit.  
As the Studio Tour tram enters Stage 50, the only split level soundstage in the world, all seems quiet as the crew are on a lunch break. Then the ground starts shaking… The attraction then starts to simulates a large earthquake, rated at 8.3 on the Richter scale. The tram started to shake, the pipes broke, fires broke out, the ground opened up, and an oil truck slides towards our tram. .