Norwegian Getaway Ship Profile & Stats

Norwegian Getaway On-Board Recreation

This is the pool area with lots of lounge chairs for sun bathing.

Norwegian Getaway Dining Choices

Norwegian Getaway Entertainment

The area is the sports section of the ship. There are basketball courts, a large TV screen where movies are shown and a couple of hot tubs. This end of the ship is for adults only. That does not include the sports area, it is open for everyone.

This area is a pool, hot tubs and bars. It is usually a VERY busy place.

The top of the ship is used for sun bathing and reading books.

The front of the ship is where the helicopter pad is located. It is used for medical emergencies or if someone misses the boat and has to pay to get back on after it has left a port. Other times, passengers will get to the next port and get back on or just fly home. Of course, that is a cost to them either way.

This is the back of the ship. There are lots of cabins there and we think it is the best place to stay. You have a 180 degree view of where you have been. With a cabin on the side you only have a 90 degree view.