We have a male and female red birds that seem to have a nest in our front tree. They take turns coming for drinks. These Doves have been regular visitors to our fountain the last couple of weeks. The Robin couldn’t decide to take a bath or just sit on the water coming out of the top. Fun to watch all of them as they come and go.
This morning all these birds came flying into the front yard. It looked like a scene from the movie “The Birds.” The miniature apples from our “Adirondack” crap apple tree were ripe and following from the tree. The birds also come to eat the apples about this time. As the weeks pass, the fruit from the tree ferments. As the birds eat the fruit they become drunk and start hitting the front windows.
The Village Hotel is home to a group of South African black-footed penguins that live in an outdoor habitat surrounded by greenery and a small pond filled with several types of turtles (box and soft-shelled). Other animals that live on the grounds include several types of ducks, lesser flamingos, sacred ibis, black-crowned night herons, koi fish, chameleons, macaws, and parakeets
The birds are enjoying the fountain in the front yard. At times they seem to be fighting with each other to get their space and time in the water. The birds also fly into the window as if looking for somewhere to land and stare in to see what we are doing in the house.
The last couple of weeks we have been watching the squirrel go into the bird house. First time it was snowing very hard and on this day it was cold and windy. I don’t think the birds have laid any eggs yet so not sure what he is after….just staying warm maybe? We had put out bird seed and of course, he came to eat before he climbed into the house. These two birds were sitting on top of the house watching the crazy squirrel.
  Every morning and afternoon we have a humming bird that comes to drink from the fountain in our front yard. We think it’s the same one but it could be different ones. One morning Steve said there was a baby that came with the mother for a drink. These are the pictures I snapped this morning. This is a picture I took last year of a visit later in the day when the light was much better.
I think this bird is looking around for spring and thinking about moving into one of the apartments in our backyard.