Afternoon Games

After lunch and before the fireworks, people took turns playing games in the front yard. Mark, from across the court had some neat yard games he brought over. Addisyn and Samantha waiting their turn to play. Mark and Val Windy and Rob Val and Rob Steve and Mark Rogan and Samantha Wendy and Rob Save

Tattoo Artist At Work

Samantha is very good at putting tattoos on so she helped Cameron with his. Even the adults put some on for the fun of it.

Sniper Steve

Steve went out to help Connie (Holan’s previous boss) another Adventure Race as a sniper. This time they had more teams run the course and only had two snipers. He had fun with the paint ball guns.  

A Play In the Park

We went to see Peter Pan at the Theatre In the Park the other night. It was an excellent performance with kids playing the majority of the cast. We packed a picnic dinner, took our lawn chairs and settled in for a nice evening of entertainment. Holan and Kristie took turns playing with Samantha in […]

Kilroys – A Fun Place

When we went to MN to spend time with Samantha during her Spring Break, we visited a store, Kilroys, in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis. They have a huge selection of antique and replica memorabilia. They have juke boxes, 1950s soda fountain furniture, gumball machines, gas pump globes, penny arcade machines, antique toys and the […]