The Story of Us: 2009

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino was our home base for our 2009 visit to Las Vegas. Our mornings started with the breakfast buffet, which was outstanding. We always topped it off with bread pudding top with vanilla sauce and ice cream. Our main show for this trip was Bette Midler at The Colosseum at Caesars […]

The New Fence Goes Up

Today the guys returned to finish up the fence. It seemed to go up very fast and is a beautiful fence. I didn’t get out there to take a picture of the finished fence but will post one later.

Taking Down The Fence

Today they delivered the lumber for the new fence around the pool. After off loading the lumber, they started taking down the old fence. Once the sections were removed they started removing the post. At one point the worker must have gotten cold. They built a fire in the can, burned the wooden steps and […]

Alli “Dee” Gator

We finally have an answer to how our new friend in the pool got there . . . Dee put it in the pool Monday night. All week going to the gym and being in the pool she managed to keep quite. During a two and half hour dinner at the Melting Pot Saturday night, […]

The fellow in our pool. . .

Steve wrote this in an email to find out who put this fellow in our pool. So far no one has come forward. “I went out to the pool and just lost three years of my life. Wasn’t paying attention and went over to clean out overflow of pool. Looked down and there was a […]

He’s Back

Our dragon-fly is coming back every day now. It’s interesting to watch him and Steve feels as if he was communicating with him. Steve would move his eyes and the dragon-fly would move his. Steve would move his head and the dragon-fly did the same. Katy came over and the dragon-fly landed on her finger […]

A Visitor To The Pool

Steve made friends with a dragon-fly at the pool. The dragon-fly came around several times and would landed on Steve’s finger each time. Steve felt as if they were communicating. It was interesting to watch and to see how long it stayed.

Hanging out @ Pool

There are times you want to get in the pool and other times you like just being around the pool. In this first picture is Wendy is in the pool but not in THE pool. Steve purchased a small kids pool for the little ones to play in, didn’t think about the adults using it […]

It’s All About Water Guns

As far as 4th of July weekend goes, this was a cooler water year. It was warm enough for the adults to get in but not too hot. One year we had to put bags of ice in the pool to cool it down. One thing about this 4th, we had more kids than usual […]

Pool Closing II

The balloon went on without too many problems, then it was time to fill it with air. This was not a real quick blow up but it really didn’t take that long considering how big it is. The tarp was placed over the balloon, the sand bags put around the edges and finally the tie […]