Today the guys returned to finish up the fence. It seemed to go up very fast and is a beautiful fence. I didn’t get out there to take a picture of the finished fence but will post one later.
Today they delivered the lumber for the new fence around the pool. After off loading the lumber, they started taking down the old fence. Once the sections were removed they started removing the post. At one point the worker must have gotten cold. They built a fire in the can, burned the wooden steps and were huddled around the can. Once they got the post up, put a string line for the new post and started digging the new post holes.
Years ago I use to sew and these are some of the dresses I made.It seems like so long ago and hard to remember staying focus longenough to make them. 1989 Job’s Daughters1989 for Winter Royalty1989 Prom1990 HomecomingThere were other dresses but haven’t found pictures of the yet.