Miss Samantha and I went out to a paint and glaze shop for an afternoon of painting. I kind of think it was suppose to be a couple hours of painting but turned into the afternoon. I chose a fairy house and she chose a mug to do for her Dad. After Samantha finished her cup, I was still working on the house, so she picked out a bowl to paint. The bowl was finished and I was still painting so Samantha picked out a pineapple to work on while I finished up. Did I say finished up? Not so fast . . . . she painted the pineapple and started on a ring holder for Mom. After 5 hours, a smoothie and a very patient granddaughter, the fairy house was finally finished. Miss Samantha has said I am no longer allowed to paint another fairy house! I don’t have …
We took Samantha to the Renaissance Festival and she just had to have a Henna tattoo. Henna is a plant, when made into a paste by drying the leaves, mashing and mixing with water, lemon juice, or strong tea. It is then applied to the skin where it will stain the skin within minutes. The longer the henna is on the skin the deeper the stain becomes. The henna flakes off and an orange stain remains. Over the next two to three days the tattoo darkens and then fades in two to three works. The artist that did Samantha’s was very nice and while talking to him was told he had designed the tattoo Samantha was getting. Save
Steve gave some of the kids a ride on his scooter. I don’t know if there are any other pictures but these are the only two that were shared. Samantha really enjoyed her ride and kept wanting to go further and further. Not so sure Mom and Dad were happy that she enjoyed it. The other rider is Lily. I know Parker, Lily’s brother, also took a ride. Since I wasn’t out there not sure how many kids he took out. There doesn’t seem to be any pictures of the kids on the trampoline so lost out on that activity also.
This video was made on November 26, 2008. We had just finished dinner and were recording Samantha doing some of her sign language she was learning at day care. By pointing down she was wanting to get down from the table and patting her stomach she was saying please. She then was encouraged to interact with her Great Grand Father, also known as Pop. This was the last time Samantha and Pop got to spend time together.    
The kids got dressed up for the holiday, they did a great job!
Samantha is very good at putting tattoos on so she helped Cameron with his. Even the adults put some on for the fun of it.
We gave Samantha a camera for her birthday. These are pictures she took while we in Weston, MO for lunch. I think she did a good job!
Steve and Kristie took Samantha to Disneyland in February. When she saw the castle she said “dreams do come true”. She always said she wanted to go to the Disney castle someday. Holan and I finished up her birthday book over the weekend and this was one of the photos I download to go in the book.
We went to see Peter Pan at the Theatre In the Park the other night. It was an excellent performance with kids playing the majority of the cast. We packed a picnic dinner, took our lawn chairs and settled in for a nice evening of entertainment. Holan and Kristie took turns playing with Samantha in the open area behind the seating area. This is the stage before the performance. They only used one set during the entire show. Several people had problems when the show transferred to Never-Neverland and the pirate ship. Everyone felt like they were still in the Darling home even with the lighting they used. Before Peter Pan started a troupe of kids came out and performed several songs from Mary Poppins. They were very good. The flying scenes were well done and the kids looked calm and comfortable as they were lifted and flown across the …
This is a picture of Kristie with her new tea set she got for Christmas in 1978. This is Samantha at midnight on June 29, 2013 making lemonade. 38 years apart but so much the same.