We went to dinner the other night with Dee, Katy and Bob
to celebrate Dee’s birthday. Katy made reservations
at STIX. It was a restaurant set up with “restaurants within
a restaurant”. There was the sushi bar, Asian cuisines and
then the quick handed, knife wielding chefs of the flaming
teppanyaki grill. We ate in the grill where the tables seats
10 people at a table/grill. The chef cooked and served our
food very quickly while entertaining us with his skills.
2013 03 02 Stix
After dinner we went back to our house and had cake and
ice cream. The chef at STIX isn’t the only one who has a
big knife!

2013 03 02 Dee Veltum Birthday Cutting Cake
It was a very nice evening of good food, good friends and
a celebration of a milestone for Dee.

2013 03 02 Dee Veltum Birthday Dee Katy Bob Colvin