After lunch we stopped in at Captain’s Corner for some duty-free liquor to take back to the villa. They also had a nice selection of island t-shirts, souvenirs, and cigars from all over the Caribbean. We walked back to Slim Man’s parking lot and saw this Iguana walking down the sidewalk with his banana.

2008 06 21 St Johns VI Captain Corner

2008 06 21 St John VI

On the way back to the Villa we stopped at The Market Place. This is a sanctuary of retail shops, galleries, and food and dining options. The Marketplace is home to Starfish Market, St. John’s largest and best grocery supermarket, St. John Hardware, Chelsea Drug Store and much more! We purchased things we might want during the week but was very careful since the prices were extremely high. It also appeared that there was two price when we got to the cash register, one for the locals and one for tourist.

2008 06 21 St John VI Starfish Market (1)