We had heard a lot about Holy-Field Winery but had never been there even though it is located in South Leavenworth County, only 15 minutes from our house. Dee, our neighbor, has been there many times and has picked grapes for several years. This is such a popular activity that we had to sign up in July for the last picking day in October. It was a beautiful sunny morning with crisp cool air. We arrived at the Vineyard and received instructions from Les & Michelle Meyer (father & daughter) on how to harvest the grapes. We were to clip the vine close to the grapes and let the bunch drop into our hand. The grapes were to be placed in a large white bucket. As we harvested, people would be coming by collecting the grapes. Moving up and down the rows we looked for the wine fairies hoping to find one. If found we would be in the front of the line for breakfast.2014 10 05 Holy Field Winery InstructionsLes and Michelle planted the first vines in 1986 on fourteen acres and now have over 12,000 vines. the carefully tended grapes are harvested by hand and then immediately pressed. After breakfast we were able to see the grapes we harvested being processed in the cellars located beneath the tasting room. 2014 10 05 HolyField Grapes_Vine

2014 10 05 Holy Field Winery CellarWe ate on the deck under a canopy of grape vines. It was a wonderful breakfast served with sangria. Steve, who usually doesn’t eat breads, went back for a second cinnamon roll. I think it was the best rolls we have ever eaten. As we ate, we were visited by Sinbad and Corkey, the resident dogs. Sinbad moved from table to table looking for a “treat.” As people finished he ended at our table with his head perched on the table. Then he sat down and as we took our last bites, he looked at our plates then at us and walked off. His expressions were so funny. 2014 10 05 Holy Field Winery Sinbad2014 10 05 Holy Field WineryCorky Every month there is something going on at Holy-Field from Friday night live music, Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, Oktoberfest and craft nights. It’s a fun place to go and I’m sure we will go back again..