As we got up to the cabins there was luggage sitting here, there and every where. We received our luggage soon after getting to the cabin….well most of us did. Holan’s was no where to be found. We checked several times with people delivering the luggage and was told just to be patient. They were doing everything possible to get them delivered as quickly as possible. If Holan had not received her luggage by 8:00 pm then we were to go to Deck 2, aft, where the undelivered luggage holding area was located.

So after dinner, we went down to Deck 2. It was like a different world in that area. As we stepped out of the elevator it was like stepping on to an interstate. But instead of cars there were people traveling at different rates of speed and they all seem to be on a mission. This is where the crew call home and the Medical Facility is located. There were signs saying Dialysis with arrows pointing towards the Clinic.

We crossed the busy stream of “traffic” and found the holding area. We immediately saw Holan’s bag. When the bag was x-rayed the bottle of soda showed up and the bag was tagged as having alcohol in it. It seemed unfair that our bags had two bottles of soda as did Steve and Kristie’s and she only had one. Guess people bring on one bottle of alcohol and more bottles of soda. Once it was opened the bag was released.