“Murder Among Friends” begins with a clap of thunder that the audience nearly jumping out of our seats. It was very loud and Morgan Fairchild was on the stage as the lights came up. It is very unusual for New Theatre for the “star” to show up on stage so soon. Morgan Fairchild was perfectly cast as Angela Forrester, “the 15th-richest woman in America.” She combines a touch of vulnerability and a healthy sense of comedic timing to create a conniving beauty who wants out of a loveless, miserable marriage. After the thunder, the plot unfolds with her young lover who is to murder her husband, a “fading” star decides to do away with him she finds out that murder is far more challenging than marriage. 2014 09 17 Murder Among Friends Open ScenseThe couple was joined by Marshall Saidenberg, Palmer’s producer and wife, Gertrude, to ring in the New Year. When Gertrude shows up wearing a red evening gown, an important plot device, Angela tries to get her to change by spilling a drink on her dress. It does not work so the comedy thriller involving deceit, robbery, murder and lots of laughs marches along with a twist at the end of the play..

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