Steve and Kristie took a trip and Samantha was staying with us this week. After we dropped them off at the airport we headed for Science City. It is located in Union Station the old train station of Kansas City. We were impressed with the number of activities there are for children to do. Samantha enjoyed the water table and really didn’t like the live animals. The most electrifying part of the day was when Holan came down the tube slide.

IMG_4984Big sparks were flying from every part of her body. It was a sight to see but wouldn’t have wanted to be experiencing it. She was so happy to get out of the slide!   Samantha, however, didn’t have any problems with the static electricity.

But she did have problems with loud noises. In the restroom the motion sensor paper towel dispenser was just above the sink on the right. As I picked Samantha up to reach the water the dispenser activated. You couldn’t wash your hand without the thing spitting out paper. After a few times and some explaining we finally got our hands washed. What were they thinking when they installed the dispenser???