The area still maintains its bohemian ambiance. It is also home to a number of independent restaurants and bars, as well as clothing boutiques, booksellers, and record stores. The cohabitation between throw-backs to the Fifties lounge scene, organic and spiritual New Age ambiance of the Sixties, rock and roll politics and computer culture is one of the neighborhood’s most interesting and endearing aspects socially and artistically.

2013 09 12 SF Haight & Ashbury (28)

The welcoming genie outside the Blue Front reflects the mostly Mediterranean cuisine (with a health-conscious emphasis), such as a super avocado wrap or a falafel burrito. I really liked the genie. The cut out form plus the painting of his face was so well done.

2013 09 12 SF Haight & Ashbury Blue Front Cafe

Puff Puff Pass Obama-McCain poster

Puff Puff Pass is a game in which everyone in a circle passes a spliff, bong or other smoke age. Everyone puts five dollars on it. Each time you take a hit you say “puff puff pass.” If you fail to say it, cough or pass out, you’re out of the rotation. The last person holding the smoke age keeps all the money.

2013 09 12 SF Haight & Ashbury Obama Painting

The two giant fish netted legs sticking out over Piedmont give a hint as to the creative and colorful clothes inside. For more than 30 years, Uti, Piedmont’s designer, has been fashioning costumes and outfits for dancers, stylists, theater folks, drag queens and local rockers like Super Booty. About 90 percent of the clothes, lingerie, hats, coats, boas and assorted accessories are produced by Piedmont, and Uti says its seamstresses can produce anything on request in two days.

2013 09 12 SF Haight & Ashbury Piedmont Boutique 2

2013 09 12 SF Haight & Ashbury Piedmont Boutique

Puff Puff Pass Smoke Shop is a Bohemian emporium with a hip following for water pipes, tobacco products & smoking accessories

2013 09 12 SF Haight & Ashbury Puff Puff Pass Window