Before we got off the ship to visit the shops, we spent some time on the balconies. Fred had his magic tool to open the dividers between our cabins. This allowed us to have room for all four of us to see and chat with each other. We watched some divers, some men standing in the harbor holding up a tarp and fellow shipmates trying to walk on water in a ball. After we spent some time off the ship once again, we settled in on our balconies. The same divers, men holding up the tarp and people trying to walk on water were still working at it. We never figured out exactly what the divers were doing. At times the rain got heavy but they kept working. But they finally pulled the boat back towards the tarp and the men closed in the opening of the tarp. They were still working with the tarp as we pulled away from the dock.

Now for the Water Ball, it’s proper name, or also known as the water walking ball. It is made of transparent plastic and is an inflatable sphere. It literally enables you to walk or run across the water. Watching the people trying it had problems just standing up, so it is probably not an easy thing to do. The ball measures 6 feet 7 inches in diameter and has a zipper entrance. Steve thought it would be great to have one. Not sure it would work in our pool.

Spending time on your balcony of a ship is the best place to be. It gives you private quiet time for good conversation and just being together. The best moments are at dusk as you are pulling out of port. As you pass the lights, the buildings and ease out of harbor into the sea/ocean, it brings peace and settles the soul.