Dee made these wonderful sugar cookies, they were so good. We were at the pool when she brought them over. This was the first time we were treated with homemade cookies. I use to make cookies all the time, but it has been years since I put in that much effort. It’s not that it is rocket science, but it does take time to buy, measure, mix and bake these little jewels. Of course, you want people to enjoy them after you bake them. I think the key word in that sentence is “people.” I would never think about feeding them to my dogs. The dogs have their own treats. If I wanted to give them human food, it would be food I have prepared or purchased. By feeding the cookies to the dogs, it says to me that I don’t think the cookies are good enough for me to eat. Also, that there is no appreciation for the time I have spent making them. At the same time, if I prepared shrimp or steak, I would be upset if it was given to my dogs. Does this not also send the message that there is no regard for the money that was spent on the food, whatever it is? It was very nice of Dee to make the cookies and they were delicious. Maybe she will make them again for us and we can enjoy them.