We needed a new roof, it had been damaged by hail from last year. The guys (10 of them) arrived about 9:00 and got right to work.

2010 Mar  Roof Needed

The roofer looks like he’s saying “I just don’t know what to do next.”
2010 Mar Roof clearing where to now

 At times the front yard looked like a war zone.

2010 Mar Roof clearing war zone

2010 Mar Roof clearing front

2010 Mar Roof Bill over seeing job

2010 Mar Roof all clean

2010 Mar Roof lunch time
By 1:30 the old roof was off then, it was lunch time for the guys. Maria, one of the worker’s wife, showed up with a huge cooler filled with fried chicken and other goodies. That night Hershey was out for his final potty and found a chicken leg. He was so happy until it got taken away from him.

Today’s Abundance
Insurance Coverage
Good puppies not barking from noise