We found a Groupon for a three night stay at Stormy Point Village, located near the beautiful Table Rock Lake and Branson. It was a gated community styled after a timeless Cape Cod fishing village. The Guard at the gate was very nice and friendly. There was a police are just outside of the entrance with a “prisoner” sitting in the back seat.

We continued down the road to Cape Co Drive and made a left at the stop sign.. We crossed over the covered bridge and continued on to club house with the light house. We got signed in, had a nice chat with three people at the desk and was off to find our cottage.

This was our cute little two bedroom and two bath cottage.

We explored the house, got unpacked and we were ready to enjoy our Branson experience. Steve got all the drinks setup, mixed the drinks and then it was time for a toast.

This police car was down the road after entering the community.

There were random wood carvings around the neighborhood. I thought this bear was cute with his fish.

Some of the cottages had these wonderful weathers vanes.

We had a fun dinner at Steak and Shake before going to our first show.

Every time we went to Branson we go see Pierce Arrow. It has always been a night of laughs, smooth sounds, gospel and patriotic medleys. Time Storms, the bass singer, set a Guiness World Record for the lowest not produced by a human by vibrating his vocal chords down to 8 Hz, which is almost two octaves below the piano. He also set a Guinness World Record for the widest vocal range for a mallet. Their harmony and pure vocal talent made country classics and rock the house Gospel better than ever. This is why we go back every time.

Jarrett Doughty was the comedian of the show and his material was always fresh and new each time. He kept us laughing with his zany characters: the Preacher, Brother Cecil Watkins and the crazy old man, Harry Pitts. For his musical talent he played the toaster.