2015 11 25 New York Times Square (4)

Times Square is undergoing a redesign to provide additional public space for pedestrians and events, and transform “the bow tie” into a world-class piazza. The transformation is a three-phase capital project that began in 2012 and is currently scheduled to be completed by December 2016.

2015 11 25 New York Times Square (5)

2015 11 25 New York Times Square (7) 2015 11 25 New York Times Square

 NYC Time Square’s Iconic mime artist “Da Goldman”  that makes the heart of NYC skip a beat.

2015 11 25 New YorkTimes Square Gold Man2015 11 25 New York Time Square Late Show with Stephen Colbert Ed Sullivan Theatre

After leaving Time Square we head towards Central Park and found Crown Deli to have lunch. It was across the street from The Ed Sullivan Theatre, the home of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The deli had a pay by the pound buffet which offered a wide variety of hot food, a sandwich/bagel station, a salad station and pre-made sandwiches. We opted for the per-made sandwiches and chips. We made our way upstairs where there were lots of tables, a Sushi bar and the VERY dirty bathroom.

are upstairs, as well as a Sushi bar!

2015 11 25 New York Central Park (3) 2015 11 25 New York Central Park (2)2015 11 25 New York Central Park Holan

We were headed back to the hotel to meet up with the Rotchfords, their plane had been delayed, when we were in need of a restroom. In New York you don’t just walk into a place and use their restroom. You must buy something first. So we went into the Tick Tock Diner, an iconic symbol of the American diner in Midtown across from Penn Station. The interior was classic old-school diner with a menu of comfort food. We ordered drinks and Steve went to the restroom.

iconic symbol of the American diner in Midtown Manhattan across from Penn Station, Interior: classic old-school diner, American comfort food, descend staircase to restrooms, glimpse at private party room w/ bank vault and New Yorker Wyndham hotel entrance2015 11 25 New York Tick Tock Diner Holan

When he returned he said we must go down stairs and look around. We descend down the staircase to the restrooms to take a look at the private party room with a bank vault. The New Yorker Wyndham Hotel sophisticated Art Deco décor entrance was across the hall.