To layer the liquids in the American Flag you use the lightest liquid, then a the next layer must be 10 proof higher than the first with the last being 10 proof higher than the middle. The top two layers are poured slowly over the back of a spoon to keep the liquids separated.
2012 07 01 PBSA KC Bartending Class American Flag (3)
The lemon drop martini’s glass is rimmed with sugar and the lemon floating has had sugar sprinkled on it then vodka poured over the sugar and set on fire with a lighter. The lemon is then placed into the glass while burning.
2012 07 01 PBSA KC Bartending Class  Lemon Drop Martini
To prepare a Black and Tan, first fill a glass halfway with the ale, then add the Guinness Draught. The top layer is best poured slowly over an upside-down tablespoon placed over the glass to avoid splashing and mixing the layers.
Black and Tan is a drink made from a blend of pale ale and a dark beer such as a stout or porter, most often Guinness. Sometimes a pale lager is used instead of ale; this is usually called a half and half.
A specially designed black-and-tan spoon is bent in the middle so that it can balance on the edge of the pint-glass for easier pouring.
Black and tan spoon
The Chocolate Mint Martini glass is rimmed with gel cake icing….kind of an interesting idea.
2012 07 01 PBSA KC Bartending Class Chocolate Mint Cookie Martini
We also had an Oatmeal Cookie Martini that Beth rimmed the chilled glass with chocolate Magic Shell.

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