After our morning tour of Shangri La we went to Buzz’s for a relaxing lunch. Buzz’s has a festive tiki-hut atmospher that takes you back to an old Hawaii. Buzz’s was decorated for Halloween not only at the entrance but the banyan tree, we sat under on the large outdoor lanai, had a witch’s, hat, a moon and a spider with it’s web hanging from the branches.

2013 10 30 Hawaii Buzz's Lunch Halloween Decorations (3)

2013 10 30 Hawaii Buzz's Lunch Halloween Decorations (2)

2013 10 30 Hawaii Buzz's Lunch Halloween Decorations

Buzz’s, a legend in its own time. is remarkable, considering the place has never spent a dime on advertising and sustains its popularity on word-of-mouth referrals. Started on nothing but a will to survive after previous restaurant deals and partnerships went sour, Bobby Lou and her ex-husband Buzz Schneider bought an old beach house in 1962 and turned it into a steak-house. They served grilled steaks, chicken and kabobs. Nothing on the menu was over $4. The menu was etched into a six-inch wooden paddle, one of which is mounted on the bar today as a reminder of the “early days.” Now in its 51st year, the restaurant, located across from Kailua Beach Park, has expanded its selections to great steaks, fresh seafood, strong cocktails. Buzz’s famous mai tai is a must-try (you only need one). This was our bill from our lunch for six adults.

2013 10 30 Hawaii Buzz's Bill

I had the Buzz’s Jack Daniels Burger. It was an 8 oz sirloin patty finished with their JD BBQ, tomatoes, caramelized onions with a BBQ mayo sauce. I think this was the best burger I have EVER had. When I took that first bite it was so juicy and the flavors filled my mouth, it was amazing! We learned that there is a table inside, that is marked with a plaque where President & Mrs. Clinton sat on a visit to Hawaii while he was president.

2013 10 30 Hawaii Buzz's Lunch Inside (3)  2013 10 30 Hawaii Buzz's Lunch Outside (2)


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