A Busy Week

The week started off with a Christmas program at Sam’s school. This first picture was taken at the first concert of the year. This concert was the 7th grade band, 8th grade strings and the choir. Each performed three songs and all did the final song. All were wonderful but we thought Sam’s did the […]

Sweetheart Dinner And Dance

The Sweetheart Dinner and Dance was held at J.W. Crancers with cocktails followed by dinner and dancing. We enjoyed Chicken Florentine served with pasta and with marinara and 3-cheese Alfredo sauces, green beans salad and french bread. A dessert bar topped off the meal with the cheesecake bites and cream buffs being most popular. We […]

The Story

This production tells the inspiring story of one family’s incredible voyage from Tahiti to Kauai, told through vivid storytelling & dance in an enchanting setting. In the opening scene a father remembering a time of struggle, recalls a decision, a journey and their prayers to Akua (God). Kalama means light ……kalamaku a flaming torch….that is […]

Hula Dancers

On our returned trip on the Wailus River the young hula dancers entertained us and provided a lesson inviting everyone to join them in a final dance.

Are you ready?

This is the only picture I got from the dance recital. I had on my distance glasses so I could watch the dance but didn’t realize I couldn’t take picture or video while wearing them…..everything was out of focus. Samantha did a great job!

Momsters Dance

Kristie performed at Samantha’s Dance recital and did a great job. When she lost her hat she never missed a bet. We were impressed ….. she didn’t know she had lost it until the dance was over.