So I didn’t know who The Zac Brown Band was, until Chris and Holan were going to their concert. Then one night at the Wine Barn, Holan mentioned it to the group. Dee was totally into going but didn’t want to intrude into Chris and Holan’s concert outing. Besides, they had bought their tickets for weeks and the likely hood of getting another ticket next to them would be near impossible. So I agreed to go with her, if Chris could get the tickets. In a matter of minutes the tickets were purchased and I was on my way to my first country music concert. Little did I know that we were seeing one of country music’s most popular and successful acts. First, we went to Granite City for dinner. Steve, Dee, Chris and I were to met Holan as she was coming in from work in Kansas City. We …
We were excited when Katy gave us free tickets to go to Helzberg/Kauffman Center for the “President’s Own” The United States Marine Band. First off, we had never been to the Kauffman Center where the Kansas City Symphony performs. Second, it is special to see the Marine Band play since the performances are rare in Kansas City. It has been 10 years since they appeared here. After dinner at Anton’s, we were off to a special evening of great music. The Marine Band is America’s oldest continuously active professional musical organization. Founded in 1798, the band has performed for every U.S. President since John Adams. Known as “The President’s Own” since the days of Thomas Jefferson, the Marine Band’s primary mission is to provide music for the President of the United States and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. The band, directed by Lieutenant Colonel Jason K. Fettig and 1st …
Everyone has been posting their videos of their ice bucket experience so here is Steve and Rick’s. Rick’s son Chris Dodson had challenged them. The pool water was 89 degrees, outside heat index was 105 so the ice water felt good. Additional benefit was that the pool got some cold water added!      
We have season tickets at the Musical Theater Heritage Off Center Theater at Crown Center. Today’s production of  Hammerstein’s “South Pacific,” was wonderful. The Musical Theater is that they do not depend on huge sets, lavish costumes or action packed acts. The productions are allowed to stand on their own merely with the music, the talent of the actors a bit of dancing and a few props . The back drop of the stage were panels of large palm leaves. Right in front of the palms was the eight-person orchestra, with pianos at each side of the stage. In this picture, it is hard to see but many microphones and music stands forming an arc is where all the action takes place. The show ran a good two hours with a 15 intermission and the time just flew! The cast made the characters come alive. Nellie’s southern accent from Arkansas …
Mark was showing the girls how to do some fancy foot work as we waited for the fireworks to start.
The kids got dressed up for the holiday, they did a great job!
Mark decided to try out the kid chair. It was funny watching him getting into it, but he made it without any problems. It did stick to him when he stood up. Afterwards, Mark was in deep thought has he drank his margarita.
We went to a really cool Makers Faire today with the kids. Holan has posted the pictures and videos on her website if you want to take a look at them.  
For our 44th Wedding Anniversary and my 64th birthday we went to the Wine Barn. The Wine Barn is a 16 aces of land just 10 minutes from where we live. The Barn overlooks a pond and sets next to the vineyard. On this night live music was provided by “Boomerz KC” with Dinner Vendor Street Wings KC. We didn’t enjoy the wings but the band was fantastic. These are the wine bottles and slushies that we started out drinking. Afterwards, we went to Katy & Bob’s and had a DQ Cookies and Cream Cake. It was a fun evening.
Cyndi wore a gothic, vampy with her red mane, black leather peplum corset, and leather trousers. The two-time Grammy winner also donned a dramatic leopard-print trimmed coat for her performance.