All the high schools are doing graduations and made me think of my own some 43 years ago. I think it was about the 3rd of June and it was held at night in high school gym. I remember my Dad wasn’t going to go but Jociene “talked” him into going. There are no pictures of the event and no saved program. The class song was “A Time For Us” and we sang it as a class. I must say we didn’t do it very well. Afterwards, a friend and I got into my 65 dark green mustang and went to the Dairy Queen. The DQ was the place everyone went – we went not to buy an ice cream or a dill pickle blend but to circle the building. What can I say it was a small town and not much to do.
1969 Phyllis Rice Kerrick KY Business Award
I received the Kentucky Business Education Award, which was nice since I spent so much time in the business department classes! When I wasn’t there I was in the Journalism class working on the SCOOP, the school newspaper. Mr. Scott made it a fun class!
1969  Phyllis Rice Kerrick Jouranlism club
I was also in the Pep Club…..
1969 Phyllis Rice Kerrick Pep club
and was the Historian of the Future Business Leaders of America.
1969 Phyllis Rice Kerrick FBLA Club  Historian

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