This was taken back in July before it really got hot. The Kids started out on the stool together.

2010 07 13 Hershey Pebbles on stool
2010 07 13 Pebbles on stool

2010 07 13 Pebbles stretched out on stool
Guess Hershey got hot so he got down. Pebbles sat there a while before stretching out. Hershey moved over to in front of the fan, then in front of the water bowl and finally was able to take a nap.
2010 07 13 Hershey in front of fan

2010 07 13 Hershey water bowl

2010 07 13 Hershey finally cool enough to sleep

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  1. They are so sweet and I don,t think they like the heat either, Ginger won’t come outside unless she thinks we might be going to Dairy Queen in the evening..

    Mama Jean