On Wednesday night we traveled, by subway, to the Upper West Side of Manhattan to preview the giant balloons for the Parade on Thursday. We spotted the first balloon just to find out we were at the end of the viewing route. The policeman told us which way to go and we headed out. After several blocks of following people we finally made it to the entrance. So this first picture was actually the end and note it was still daylight when we were there.

Who can be angry in a Macy's Parade? You never know what the mischievous Red may be up to, but come Thanksgiving Day, he'll be up in the air....and that's no yolk.

In these photos we have it the into the maze to see the balloons. Now you can see that it is getting darker, so it did take us some time get here. Because it was a warm night for late November there were lots of people. There was a designated viewing path, 12 to 18 people across and as far as we could see in front and behind us. The barriers creating the maze were dangerous; Lupe tripped over one and fell on her hip. A little bruised and sore but okay.

2015 11 25 New York Macy's Giant Balloon Inflation Line

2015 11 25 New York Macy's Giant Balloon Inflation In LineThis is a photo Debra Messing, from Mysteries of Laura and Will and Grace, twitted out from her apartment window.

2015 11 25 New York Macy's Giant Balloon Inflation Debra Messing View of Inflated Balloon and Crowds 2Once we made it to the balloons it was amazing how small you feel standing next to them. Nets and sandbags are used to keep them from escaping during the night.

High as 5 story building, wide as 6 taxi cars, long as 8 bicycles, 90 handlers

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