Road trips can be fun, especially when you discover out-of-the-way places. And if you have been out walking in the forest, you need something to eat. We traveled into McCloud and found Floyd’s Frosty.  They claim to have the ‘best burgers in Siskiyou County’.

This place is completely bare bones and while it isn’t modern or fancy it has a certain small town magic to it. There are a few booths inside and tables under an awning out front. The magazine rack is filled with Road and Track, Hot Rod and Muscle Car and the walls are covered with photos of classic cars.

The ice cream treats included blackberry milkshakes, soft serve cones and a freezer filled with specialty ice cream treats. Katy and I decided to have our soft serve cone while we waited for our food. This place was a great stop on a hot day. 2013 09 14 McCloud CA Lunch Floyds Frosty (2)

2013 09 14 McCloud CA Lunch Floyds Frosty Best Burgers in Siskiyou County

2013 09 14 Floyd's

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