Last Friday we were getting ready for a yard sale. Hershey and Pebbles were in the house and wanted out to see Suki. After letting them out I started out of the garage and Suki turned over to do her begging trick. I lost my balance when trying not to step on her and this is the results. These were taken on Saturday.
2012 06 01 Phyllis Fall
I hit the table with my chest and my face breaking the glass on a picture, thankfully only two small cuts on by mouth! Then I hit the table with my neck as I pushed the table out of my way landing on my knee and then on down to my side. My neck looks as if I have a baseball hanging on my right side and hurts from behind my ear to the middle of my face.
2012 06 02 Phyllis Fall
I was wearing jeans which saved me from having more damage to my knee.
Photo Jun 02, 7 49 57 AM
This is an update – it has been three days…..
The neck is more colorful but it is slowly getting smaller.
The knee is still swollen and has more color but finally stopped bleeding after 24 hours. Because of the internal pressure it feels as if I have a tight bandage on it. It doesn’t hurt so much now to sit down or get up. The back is also feeling so much better!!!  Things to be thankful for Smile.
2012 06 04 Phyllis Fall Foot Day 3
Steve had to cut some skin off my foot yesterday. It was catching on things and really hurt so even that is better now.
I am happy to say that Suki didn’t have any injuries in all of this. However, that can’t be said for Rumi. She was close by and tried to stop my fall which just took her down really hard. She was sore from the fall but didn’t lose any blood. Steve gave me no points for grace on my afternoon of entertainment. I just can’t understand why??? Steve was great getting me all cleaned and bandaged up. Katy got an ice pack for my knee and Dee was there for moral support. What a great group of people!!!

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