Steve talked to the guys that did the hill side about doing the back and north side
of the house with the pea rock. They wanted way too much money so Steve
decided to do it. It took him a day to clean up all the plants, mulch and “stuff”.
Then the next day he borrowed John’s truck and hauled in the pea rock. It took
three trips to get the 2 1/2 tons and many hours hauling it to the backyard in a
wheel barrow. Most of this area was done by Johnnie and crew but Steve had to
finish off starting just in front of the bird bath.
2013 05 21 Yard (20)

2013 05 21 Yard (22)
2013 05 21 Yard (21)

This is the “potty” tent. We bought a camping toilet to put out by the pool so
we wouldn’t have to go into the house all the time. Steve uses the crystal blue
kitty litter for the toilet, much prettier than the regular. Steve put 12X12 red
brick in for the flooring, has a silver toilet paper holder and a little white
cabinet with a Kleenex holder and space to store extra t-paper.

2013 05 21 Yard (24)
Steve planted three azalea along the north side of the house. I
thought I bought an orange and two yellow. One was blooming
and it was orange, the other two had yellow tags on them. Turns
out the orange one also had a yellow tag. Guess we will find out
next spring.

2013 05 21 Yard (25)

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