The other day I posted about the squirrel being in the Martin Bird House.

This is an update on what we discovered. As we were in the backyard

trying to decide where to put things back, we saw a squirrel’s face looking

out of the Martin House. Steve stood outside talking to the squirrel. As he

talked the squirrel stuck his head out of the little round hole.  The more

he talked a second squirrel tried very hard to put his head out of the hole.

with the other squirrel. So we have two baby squirrels in the bottom left side.


2013 04 15 Squirrel Martin House & Steve

So here is a close-up of the squirrel. He really is cute looking out of the

house. A black bird came along and tried to get into the “apartment”

with the squirrels. All the tiny birds hanging around the house chased the

black bird off. It’s funny to see the little birds looking over the edge

at the squirrels.


2013 04 15 Squirrel Martin House (2)


2013 04 15 Squirrel Martin House 2

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