We were driving around in Beverly Hills and decided it was time for lunch. We had seen several food trucks in the area. They were stopped by houses that were either being built or remodeled.  We stopped at the next one we saw and order a Mexican lunch. We then went to a very nice park, where there were picnic tables, playground and restrooms. It was a very nice lunch.
The 40-foot long Beverly Hills sign, located in the Beverly Gardens Park, is one of the most photographed spots in the city. The sign, today, is a replica of the 1907 sign and is surround by a lily pond. The park stretches for 22 blocks along Santa Monica Boulevard. It has a jogging path, hundred-year-old cypress and fucus trees, gardens, and public art. Beverly Hills is a 5.7 square mile city with 34,000 residents and a daytime population of more than 200,000.
The Spadena House, known as The Witch’s House, is a private home with a purposefully disrepair look with a pointy, lopsided roof, tiny windows and stucco with a distressed paint job. It is surrounded by an eccentric picket fence, made of wavy, warped wooden pickets.The house was built, in 1921, as a set for a few silent films, including Hansel and Gretel, and used as a studio office. It was not built to be lived in. In 1998 the house sold for $1.3 million 
In 2010, the Brody house, located at 360 S Mapleton, was sold for the first time, at just under $15 million. It was purchased by flippers, who then sold it to Ellen DeGeneres for $39,888 million. After a few months she sold it to Sean Parker, a tech billionaire, for $55 million. This is all we could see from the street.      
The mansions on Mapleton Drive, in the Homby Hills, are hidden behind high walls with large gates and higher hedges and are the most coveted addresses in Los Angles. With all the people driving by to get a glance of them and their houses, it is understandable that they would try to block views of the house. The Spelling house is located at the corner of S. Mapleton and club View Drive.  
Santa Monica State Beach is a three miles long, covering 245 acres of sand along Santa Monica Bay. The sandy beach is very wide with rolling waves, and great views of Santa Monica Mountains.
As we drove around our driver pointed out buildings that included: Getty Gallery Central Library, Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA Staples Center, The Broad Contemporary Art Museum, and the last photo is a downtown street in Los Angles, The exterior of the Beverly Hill Hotel, Beverly Hills, was featured on the album cover of  The Eagles “Hotel California” and “California Suite” was filmed at the hotel. The hotel with the surf boards is named Hotel California, Santa Monica, but has nothing to do with the song. The Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica, is a center of business with roots dating back to the 1960s. The Promenade is three blocks of Third Street that were converted into a pedestrian mall.  
Located on the world-famous Santa Monica Pier, Pacific Park is the only amusement park on the West Coast to be located on a pier. There are dozen rides, games, ocean front restaurants and lots of shopping along the pier. Also located on the pier is the Route 66 End of the Trail Sign. The 2,450 mile long Route 66 was originally built to connect Chicago to Los Angeles. The actual end of the legendary highway has long been debated. But the sign officially marks the end of the highway. Along the pier we found Katherine Terrien singing and selling her CDs. There was also an aquarium and a trapeze school among all the shops and restaurants. 
During the 1930s, 40s and 50s physical fitness boom, muscle men and bathing beauties gathered at the original Muscle Beach located just south of the Santa Monica Pier. The area had exercise equipment and was a popular place for gymnastic and acrobatic exhibitions. After this area closed, the spartan weight pen was built on Venice Beach. It is a gated area that encloses weight lifting equipment with a second area with a sand box with gymnastic, rope climbing, and acrobatic bars.
Venice Beach has a famous beachfront rec center with basketball courts, children play area, handball courts, tennis courts, and volleyball courts. Joggers are commonly seen along the beach and street daily and with group runs on the weekends. We found a parking spot on the street and walked under the arches by the Touch of Venice mural.