Ha does Sam’s Hair

Isn’t she CUTE! When we went up to MN in July Ha put Sam’s hair every day.

It’s been really hot here!

This was taken back in July before it really got hot. The Kids started out on the stool together. Guess Hershey got hot so he got down. Pebbles sat there a while before stretching out. Hershey moved over to in front of the fan, then in front of the water bowl and finally was able to […]

Play Time

The kids have been playing with their toys more.   “;” alt=””> I tried to put music to this but couldn’t figure it out but will keep trying.

Dog Park

We went to the dog park for the second time. The first time the kids really enjoyed the park and met several very nice dogs and their owners.  Our second trip wasn’t so nice. As soon as the kids were put into the fence this big white dog . . . decides to pick Hershey […]

There is something about watermelon . . .

There is something about watermelon I can’t resist. The juicy sweet interior is just so tempting. It doesn’t matter if it is cold or warm – it is good either way. I like it plain – some like it with salt but since I don’t taste salt I can’t say this is not a good […]

We had siding put on the porch

This is before  the siding….. . . . and after.   The over hang is much better. With the new roof and new siding we don’t have the water problem at the corner. It had been rotting the corner.

A Mardi Gras Recipe

Steve’s boss had a Mardi Gras Party. This is one of the dishes they served. It was really good and reminded us of a German salad. Gold Doubloons 2 lbs carrots, sliced 1 med onion, sliced in rings 1 med green bell pepper, chopped 3 ribs celery, chopped 1 (10 ½ oz) can tomato soup […]

Dinner Time

While the cat drinks in the front yard the squirrels and birds are snacking on corn and bird seed in the backyard. We have had cardinals, blue birds, finches and a bird that has a metallic dark blue head and neck with a black body eating also.       Today’s Abundance Time to watch […]

The Kids Enjoying a Nice Day

I have been working in the front yard on raised flower beds around the trees. The kids enjoy being outside and are really good about staying with me. Today’s Abundance Bricks almost making a perfect circle Cool breeze Quick chat with Richard Music on my Ipod

Stopping By For A Drink

There is a neighborhood cat that stops by our fountain several times a day for a drink. He sets on the fountain and stares at us threw the window. I have tried several times to get a picture but the window always creates a glare. Today’s Abundance Pat calling us by mistake, she was calling […]