Madisonville Over the Years

I was checking out some groups on Facebook the other night and found a group called know you’re from Madisonville if . . . People have posted over 300 photos of events, people and buildings. This photo a great find because it shows the Kerrick’s Fashion Mart (left side). Steve”s parents and uncle owned this […]

Too Much Pollen!!!

OK, usually I have problems with allergies when our miniature crab apple tree blooms but this is not the usual season this year. I have had enough of the itching red eyes, and the tickle on the roof of the mouth and in the back of my throat. The antihistamines are causing my head to […]

Our Flag Blowing In The Wind

The wind has been blowing for the last week. Today’s Abundance Our military and their families Red bud trees New gutters – no leaks

Pretty Easter Flowers

These pretty flowers are from Holan. They sure do brighten up the house! Today’s Abundance Steve’s winnings at the casino Easter Bunch with family Finally finding the right bricks Phone message from Samantha

It Takes Talent To Roof A House

After watching the guys walk on the roof, carry the shingles, throwing and pulling up the shingles I think it takes talent. But then it might be they are not afraid of heights! They carried all shingles to the drop point. Then they threw it into the trailer. I can see myself going right off […]

New Roof Goes On

Lunch was over and back to work. All these holes are for the sky lights and attic vents. I thought the roof was going to be darker. I’m not sure about the color with the brick. Steve loves it but I’m waiting for it to “grow on me”.     The sun was going down and […]

The Old Roof Comes Off (front)

We needed a new roof, it had been damaged by hail from last year. The guys (10 of them) arrived about 9:00 and got right to work. The roofer looks like he’s saying “I just don’t know what to do next.”  At times the front yard looked like a war zone.    By 1:30 the […]

The Big Melt Down

What a difference 24 hours makes . . . this is the fountain and bench tonight. They’re suppose to start on the roof in the morning but there is still snow on it.

And The Snow Continues . . .

This was the fountain at 8:40 this morning . . . . This was the fountain at 8:40 this evening . . . .And the snow continues . . . . Today’s Abundance Warm HouseNot having to leave the houseLarge snowflakes