Waterfront Bistro Lunch

We drove into town and parked at Slim Man’s parking lot. They placed the cars in the lot a strange way but it all seemed to work. As we walked around the village shops, you diffidently know that ii is time to take off your watch and slip on your flip-flops. There was no mistaking, […]

Morning Rain

All of a sudden, a dark cloud came across the bay and the rain started. It was a heavy down pour but only last about 10 minutes then the sun came out. It’s had to tell in the bottom picture but there is a rainbow.

View of the Bay from Beach Music

We got up late this morning, sat on the deck and enjoyed breakfast and the view of the bay. We have learned that the owners have named the villa Beach Music. There is a guest book for renters to log their memories and thoughts of their stay. The history was interesting to read and gave […]

98 Chocolate Hole

We decided it might be fun to rent a villa in St. John VI for a week with the Rotchfords. We traveled by plane, ferry and jeep to get to our home for a week. We flew into St. Thomas and boarded the Red Hook Ferry arriving at 10:00 pm at St. John, A person […]

Santa came to see me

This could take a while. Samantha started out tearing one little piece of paper from the box, She didn’t seem in any hurry to see what was inside, Yes, I can handle being the center of attention. Who cares about a gift when you can eat the paper!   Oh, more paper! Look at my […]

Sights of Seattle From the Ship

These are just a few pictures of Seattle from the ship, with the last one of the ship heading out to sea. As you can tell from the pictures, it looked as if the sky would open up any minutes and rain on our parade at moment. It did not rain so we enjoyed are […]

Home Away From Home

The cabins on the Star were more spacious than some we have been in and lots of storage space. The shower was larger than most and enclosed by a sliding door. Water on the floor was never a problem. The toilet was on the other side and also enclosed by a sliding door. Towels were […]

Star the Ship

From the moment you step into the atrium lobby, with its fantasy furniture and artwork you know that it is going to be a fun cruise. An explosion of bright Caribbean-style colors set the tone in both the public rooms and accommodations. A dash of contemporary and art deco styling elevates things in some of […]

Exploring the Star

Once we were on board it would take two to three hours (usually about 2:00) before we could get to our cabins. The passengers from the previous sailing had to be out of their rooms by 9:00 this morning, it only makes sense that the staff needs time to get the cabins cleaned. So the […]

Alaska, here we come!

We had a nice breakfast at the hotel this morning, scheduled our shuttle to the ship and we were on our way. This is a our Sawyer Glacier Cruise Itinerary & Cost sheet.  We were given our room keys and map of the ship to look over while in a holding area. Our credit card was […]