A Little Wine, Lots of Pumpkins, Paints and Fun Times

It was the Saturday before Halloween and time for our annual pumpkin painting. Chili, veggies, cheeses, crackers, grapes and Winking Owl Wine, from Aldi, with a side of chocolate twinkies were enjoyed before the painting started. It was time to get the pumpkins and paints out, but a bottle of wine was almost empty. Dee […]

The Story of Us: 2013 Part 7 Cruise

The Pride of America docked in Nawiliwili Harbor, on the island’s southeast coast, near the town of Lihue. We hopped on the Harbor Trolley to the beaches of Kalapaki Bay. We enjoyed the refreshing water, the sandy beach and watching boats coming and going. We stopped in at Kalapaki Joe’s for drinks. After a morning […]

A Relaxing Afternoon

After walking around the shops at the mall complex, we found the Drinky Monkey. We wondered up the stairs and found a table next to the railing with a great view overlooking the harbor and our cruise ship.  Steve and Fred had the local beer at $4 a bottle, while Dee had a Toasted Almond […]


After having lunch, we found the Sugarcane Mojito Bar. It was a bar that served mainly mojitos and very limited on other type of drinks. We learned to make a mojito at Bar Tending School several years ago. It is a drink we like and have always said Dee makes the best! The mojito is […]

Count Those Points

This was our 12th cruise and our 8th on Norwegian Cruise Line (Getaway). When we first started with NCL we were getting double loyalty points for the cruises. This moved us up the ladder to Platinum level for this cruise. As a Platinum members, we have an exclusive check in line at the embarkation port. […]

Places for Younger Cruisers

Steve and Suzy celebrated their first cruise together while Dee and Rick found the Entourage but were ask to leave – they didn’t meet the age requirement of 13-17. Later Suzy found the Video Zone, the arcade on board, with lots of games costing from $1 to $2. We had to do the mandatory muster […]

Time to Eat

We took the elevator up to deck 8 to O’Sheehan’s Bar & Grill This has become our favorite place to eat soon after we board the ship. We find there are fewer people here because they have not discovered it yet. The tiered seating overlooks the atrium while surrounding a small central bar, with windows […]

Stirred Not Shaken

Shakers Cocktail Bar offered a Martini tasting, we had watched them earlier preparing the glasses for the tasting. It took several hours for them ready the glasses and trays. Each of the trays cost $19.95 for the tasting, looks like a good money-maker. Must be why they do it several times during the cruise. We […]

Let’s Cruise

Sunday morning . . . Time to start our second part of our adventure. Fred, Lupe and Steve started off the day going to Mass at Church of St. Francis of Assisi. Everyone else decided and extra hour of sleep/packing was a good idea. We had breakfast our last time at the Hampton Inn and […]

Breakfast Shooters

One of our guest for the weekend, Jason, brought orange juice and a bottle of Crown Royal Maple for breakfast shooters. One shot glass full of Crown Royal Maple and another shot of orange juice which make a perfect morning drink. The Crown is smooth enough to prevent your head from snapping back at the […]