Island Merch

The cruise ship terminal at Port of Roatan is called “Town Center” because it is located in Coxen Hole’s town center. The port sits on 6.5 acres and is the capital of Roatan. As soon you step onto the pier, you see lots of shops. There are stands with local souvenirs, gifts, food and drinks. […]

A Relaxing Afternoon

After walking around the shops at the mall complex, we found the Drinky Monkey. We wondered up the stairs and found a table next to the railing with a great view overlooking the harbor and our cruise ship.  Steve and Fred had the local beer at $4 a bottle, while Dee had a Toasted Almond […]

Music and Dancing

Burn The Floor is a production on three of the NCL ships, the Getaway, Breakaway and the Epic. We first saw the show on the Breakaway about three years ago. There was little difference between the two shows. In each one, the scenes were disjointed and the sets didn’t change.There were spiraling steel staircases for […]


After having lunch, we found the Sugarcane Mojito Bar. It was a bar that served mainly mojitos and very limited on other type of drinks. We learned to make a mojito at Bar Tending School several years ago. It is a drink we like and have always said Dee makes the best! The mojito is […]

Count Those Points

This was our 12th cruise and our 8th on Norwegian Cruise Line (Getaway). When we first started with NCL we were getting double loyalty points for the cruises. This moved us up the ladder to Platinum level for this cruise. As a Platinum members, we have an exclusive check in line at the embarkation port. […]

Happy 70th Birthday

It was a few days late but we celebrated Steve’s 70th Birthday with family and friends. It was an evening filled with food, laughs and good conversation. For the celebration he wanted carrot cake . . . . very good choice with lots of cream cheese icing, his favorite. When it came time to open […]

The New Tub

After shopping every spar company in Kansas City, we finally found the hot tub we both like. It was funny how we search and search, there was a tub here or there that we liked for different reasons. But neither one of us were “sold” on any of them. Then we arrived at Above and […]

Birthday Balloons

Happy Birthday to Steve!! Kristie, Steve and Samantha sent him balloons on his birthday. We didn’t celebrate until December 2 but they wanted him to have something on his day.

A Quick Snow Storm

Just a few pictures of a snow fall we had. It started in the afternoon and as the day went on, the winds picked up and visibility got very low. It was nice to be in a warm house. The next day the sun was out and the snow coat made everything bright and clean.

Looking Out Our Front Window

Today we were treated to a fantastic sunset. It only took about nine minutes for it to start losing it’s bold, brilliant, and rich colors. But each of those minutes gave us pleasure watching as the sky changed from one orange to deep purple.